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Bigger=Better or What are the Privileges of a Giant Hamster Cage?

It’s a well-known fact that for the full life pets need space. In perfection, it should equal the size of its natural habitat.

Things on this list are vital.

Requirements for a Large Hamster Cage With Tubes

First and foremost, it’s physical wellness.

Having an opportunity to move around will result in better health condition, mental activity, and longer life span. To have a healthy heart, an animal has to spend the calories it got from food supplies.

So the first thing you should look to when choosing a suitable cage is not just your budget, but how much extra space it contains.

Elements like tubes or tunnels will bring even more variety to the life of your favorite one. Any large hamster cage with tubes that falls you in the eye on our sale is a good option.

Follow your heart and this golden rule – there is no such thing as a too big or too long hamster cage.

Secondly but not less importantly, mind the material.

Buying your first giant hamster cage, discover what it was made of. While plastic cages may be quite easy to carry and clean (besides the cheap price), they aren’t the best possible homes – hamsters are often in the habit of making food tanks their lunch; moreover, they aren’t eco-friendly.

However, don’t get naive thinking that wooden home or tank won’t be bitten. Still, a wooden giant hamster cage is cool. Giant or small, pink or lettuce-green, they will resemble the natural habitat – burrows.

Thirdly, beware of the breed of your hamster.

This is not a cat or a dog. While a long hamster cage with bars is amazing for Syrian hamsters, gerbil mice or dwarf hamsters can easily find ‘escaping’ holes between huge grates, making you pluck your beard. For these breeds consider buying glass cages. Pregnant hamster can also get stuck in a plastic tube in a large hamster cage with tubes.

Giant or long hamster cage? Now you can make the right choice

Just keep in mind that every detail, from accessories to tunnels, should fit the size and needs of your companion.

The listed ideas are crucial for any giant hamster cage. If they are kept, your pet will be alright. Why settle for less? Choose the best with us!

All in all, we hope that this list will be a helping hand for caring owners to choose the best large hamster house.

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